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Book Review: Ice Planet Holiday (IPB #5) by Ruby DixonIce Planet Holiday by Ruby Dixon
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #5
Published by Independently Published on November 27, 2015
Genres: Sci-fi
Pages: 136
Format: eBook
Source: KindleUnlimited

All this snow and no holidays? What’s a stranded human to do?

Create a new holiday, of course. Georgie and the other women decide to bring some new traditions and cheer to the sa-khui. More babies are born, presents are exchanged, and a new romance blossoms between a human woman desperate for a change, and the alien determined to protect her.

This 25,000 word novella is NOT intended as a stand-alone. Looking for a place to start? Try ICE PLANET BARBARIANS, book one in the series.

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Have you let BookTok influence you to pick up Ice Planet Barbarians yet? If not, you should really get on that. STAT.

The Ice Planet Barbarians is a long series that follow a group of women that were abducted and end up crash landing on an Ice Planet. They come across a tribe of giant blue aliens, mostly men, who save them and welcome them into their tribe. It features diverse characters, various tropes, and a decent amount of spice. You can read my review on the first book here  Slot Gacor.

Rating Report
Steam Level
Supporting Characters
Overall: four-stars

As the description of this book says, Ice Planet Holiday is a novella in the Ice Planet Barbarian world. It centers around the human women deciding to create their own holiday and introduce the barbarian boys to the festivities. Of course the boys get the holiday all twisted. Thus, No-Poison Day was created!

The reader does get to follow two characters more closely than the others – Georgie and Claire. Georgie is upset and jealous that other women are having their babies before her. She was the first in the tribe to get pregnant. Why is her pregnancy taking so much longer? Claire, on the other hand, is having some man drama. She is no longer happy being Bek’s pleasure-mate, but Bek doesn’t want to let her go. How can she escape their relationship?

Please don’t skip Ice Planet Holiday because you think it is just “bonus content.” I made this mistake and realized how important these novellas are to the series. We get multiple POVs (points-of-view) in this novella, so there was a lot opportunity to build character arcs. Ruby laid some foundation for future couples in this novella.

Take it from me – read every book Ruby releases. You won’t be disappointed.

Let’s discuss in the comments below: How did you find the Ice Planet Barbarian series? Was it tiktok? Goodreads? A random find? I want to know!

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