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#ReadersGuide: Ultimate Guide to the Hades Hangmen by Tillie Cole

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Everybody should know that I LOVE the Hades Hangmen series by Tillie Cole. I picked up the first book back in 2017 and quickly binged every available title I could thereafter. Then the waiting game started.

During this time, I would keep up with Tillie’s updates on Facebook and Instagram to help fill the void. It wasn’t until I started blogging that I realized she has a Facebook group called Tillie Cole’s Tillsters. And one of the most requested things I’ve seen on there is a family tree of sorts.

So I dived in – thinking that there had to be one buried deep in the interwebs but I came up short. That left me with only one option: to create my own Hangmen Reader’s Guide.

The Hades Hangmen

The Hades Hangmen are Slot Gacor Hari Ini always discovering something mind-blowing; it is a part of why the series is so good. So if you haven’t read all the books in the series thus far, you are guaranteed to get spoiled. If you don’t mind mild spoilers then you can take a peak at the Hangmen Rosters BUT do not click on the names or you will be spoiled by the character bios I’ve created.

Did you say Hangmen Rosters and Character Bios!?

Yep! My readers’ guide has three different sections –

  1. Hangmen Rosters & Hangmen Community
  2. Couples by Book(s) (book dedicated to their story)
  3. Characters Without Books

The Hangmen Rosters contain the Hangmen Members from the mother chapter and other chapters that have been mentioned so far. The Hangmen Community lists characters that live among our bikers but aren’t members. They are separated by where they were rescued from.

Couples by Books contains the characters family trees and appearances. It is broken down by book and includes links to the book’s playlist.

Characters Without Books is exactly what it says it is – Characters without books dedicated to their story. This includes deceased characters and characters from other MC gangs.

My goal is to keep this updated so no matter when you discovered this, it will be up-to-date. This goes up to My Maddie – the most recent release.

This was so fun to do and I am so glad I was able to compile this for help other Hangmen Harlots. I discovered new feelings for characters I have overlooked – looking at you Edge and Smiler!

Enough talking, see my Hangmen Reader’s Guide down below!

Hangmen Rosters:

Mother Chapter – Austin, TX

[Click on member’s name to see more information about them/their book]

Styx – Prez, Hangmen Mute

Ky – VP


Flame – Mechanic, Builds custom bikes

Viking – Secretary

AK-Sergeant-at-Arms,Ex-Marine Sniper

Tank – Treasurer, Ex-Klan, Ex-Army, Mechanic

Bull – Runs the Bike Shop

Tanner – Hacker/Communications, Ex-Klan



Edge – Medic, Ex-Army Trauma Surgeon








Reaper Nash – Ex-Prez

Big Poppa – Ex-VP

Pit – Ex-Prospect, Former bartender at the club

Rider – Former Road Captain, Medic,

Slash – Ex-Prospect

Smiler – Status Unknown

Other Chapters

New Orleans

Crow – Prez

Titus – Ex-Prez

Ox – Former Prez

San Antonio

Sandman – Prez

Country – Sergeant-at-Arms


Suede – Prez



New Mexico

Wrox – Prez

Shark – Ex-Member

Hick – Ex-Member



London, England


Hangmen Community:

Old Ladies & Non-Members

[Click character’s name to read available information on them]

OG Characters (Intro. in Book 1)

Beauty – Ride Shop Owner


Rescued from Commune




Rescued from New Zion







Rescued from Sex-trafficking Ring



Rescued Mexican Cartel/Klan




It Ain’t Me, Babe & I Do, Babe

Books 1 & 5.5

It Ain’t Me, Babe Playlist

I Do, Babe Playlist

Styx – River Nash

Father: Reaper Nash; died in the Diablo War; former Hangmen Prez

Mother: shot & killed by Styx’s father

Sibling(s): Adelita (half-sister)

Close Friend(s): Ky

Mae – Salome

Father: Stephen

Mother: Name unknown; died of a disease

Sibling(s): Maddie (half-sister) and Bella

Close Friend(s): Lilah

Rescued From: Commune

Child(ren): Charon


  • Styx – dark brown hair; hazel eyes; stubbled cheeks with dimples; lip ring; heavily tattooed – hangmen patch covers entire back, colored tattoos that covers “every inch of skin.” Right arm features Hades on his throne next to Cerberus. Left arm features the map of the Underworld and Persephone. Has a large swastika scar on his chest.
  • Mae – long jet black hair, pale skin, “ice-blue eyes,” and “killer frame.” Bears the Cursed “Revelations 21.8” tattoo on wrist.
  • Charon – dark black hair and blue eyes.

Heart Recaptured

Book 2

Heart Recaptured Playlist

Heart Recaptured Review

Ky – Kyler Willis

Father: Big Poppa; Former Hangmen VP; killed in the Diablo war

Mother: Killed by a Diablo gang member

Sibling(s): Sia

Close Friend(s): Styx

Lilah – Delilah -Rebekah

Father: Isaiah; deceased.

Mother: Name Unknown; tried and found guilty of witchcraft and killed in Commune.

Sibling(s): Phebe

Close Friend(s): Mae, Bella, Maddie

Escaped From: Commune

Children – Grace (adopted; rescued from ), Azreal and Talitha (twins)


  • Ky – model-status. tall, lean, straight blond hair with dark blond beard, and blue eyes. Heavily tattooed with colorful ink; has a noose tattooed on chest/shoulder.
  • Lilah – short blond hair with blue eyes and has a long scar down her beautiful face. also has the “Revelations 21.8” tattoo on wrist as well as a crucifix branding on torso.
  • Grace – blond hair and blue eyes.

Souls Unfractured & My Maddie

Books 3 & 8

Souls Unfractured Playlist

My Maddie Playlist

Flame – Josiah Cade

Father: Deceased

Mother: deceased; suicide

Sibling(s): Ash, Isaiah (deceased; infant)

Close Friend(s): Viking, AK (Psycho Trio)

Pre-Hangmen: Rescued by Vike and AK from mental hospital

Maddie – Magdlene

Father: Stephen

Mother: Unknown; different mother than Mae and Bella

Sibling(s): Mae and Bella (half-sisters)

Close Friend(s): Lilah

Rescued from: Commune

Child(ren) – Beatrix (Trixie)


  • Flame – dark hair faux-hawk with black eyes and dark beard. his whole body is covered in tattoos – mostly flames – and scars; has demon faces tattooed on his sternum and the word “pain” tattooed on his gums. multiple piercings – including a tongue ring.
  • Maddie – petite beauty with pale skin, green eyes, and dark black hair. also bears the “Revelations 21.8” tattoo on wrist.
  • Trixie – favors Maddie; dark hair and green eyes.

Deep Redemption

Book 4

Deep Redemption Playlist

Deep Redemption Review

Rider – Cain

Father: Uncle David (Lance Carter)

Mother: Ruth

Sibling(s): Judah (twin); deceased

Close Friend(s): Smiler

Pre-Hangmen: The Commune

Bella – Harmony

Father: Stephen

Mother: Unknown; died of a disease.

Sibling(s): Mae and Maddie

Close Friend(s): Lilah

Rescued from: New Zion


  • Rider – brown hair, buzz cut with short beard, large frame, and tattooed.
  • Bella – long black hair with “ice-blue eyes.” Has the “Revelations 21.8” tattoo on wrist. Looks very similar to Mae.

Damnable Grace

Book 5

Damnable Grace Playlist

Damnable Grace Review

AK – Xavier Deyes

Father: Unknown; drunk

Mother: Unknown; drunk

Sibling(s): Devin (older brother); deceased. Tina (sister-in-law); deceased.

Nephew: Zane

Close Friend(s): Viking and Flame

Pre-Hangmen: Ex-Marine Sniper


Father: Isaiah; killed by Hangmen

Mother: Name Unknown; tried and found guilty of witchcraft and killed in Commune.

Sibling(s): Lilah

Close Friend(s): Mae, Maddie, Bella.

Child(ren): Saffy (Sapphira)

Rescued from: New Zion


  • AK – long brown hair, goatee, and heavily tattooed. Most of his tattoos are gun related but sports a large cross on his chest.
  • Phebe – long, bright red hair, blue eyes, and freckles across nose and cheeks.
  • Saffy – long blond hair and brown eyes.

Crux Untamed

Book 6

Crux Untamed Playlist

Crux Untamed Review

Cowboy – Aubin Breaux

Father: Rancher

Mother: Unknown

Close Friend(s): Hush, Crow

Originally from: nomad until joining New Orleans chapter.

Hush – Valan Durand

Father: Dominic Durand. Deceased; African American.

Mother: Aia. Deceased; Swedish

Other family: Grandparents; Moreaus.

Close Friend(s) – Cowboy, Crow

Originally from: nomad until joining New Orleans chapter.

Sia – Elysia Willis

Father: Arch Willis; Former Hangmen VP; killed in the Diablo war

Mother: Mother: Killed by a Diablo gang member

Sibling(s): Ky

Close Friend(s): —

Rescued from: Garcia – prior to It Ain’t Me, Babe


  • Cowboy – Blond hair always hid under his Stetson, heavily tattoos with colored tattoos.
  • Hush – Half black, half white with bright blue eyes and dark hair. Heavily tattooed but some scarring caused his tattoos not to take very well.
  • Sia – Curly blond hair and blue eyes. Has extensive scarring to back.

Beauty Found

Book 6.5


Beauty Found Playlist

Beauty Found Review

Tank – Shane Rutherford

Father: Unknown; abusive; reason Tank ran-away from home.

Mother: Unknown

Close Friend(s): Bull and Tanner

Pre-Hangmen: Klan

Beauty – Susan-Lee Stewart

Father: Deceased

Mother: Unknown; controlling causing Beauty to run-away.

Close Friend(s): Letti

Pre-Hangmen: Beauty Queen


  • Tank – Large man with no hair and blue eyes. Sported a lot of Klan tattoos, but have been covered up since joining the Hangmen.
  • Beauty – Busty babe with blonde hair.

Darkness Embraced

Book 7


Darkness Embraced Playlist

Darkness Embraced Review

Tanner Ayers – White Prince

Father: Governor Ayers

Mother: Unknown

Other family: Johnny Laundry (Uncle)

Sibling(s): Beau

Close Friend(s): Tank

Pre-Hangmen: Klan’s White Prince & Communications in Army

Adelita – Cartel Princess

Father: Sanchez; Diablos’ Former Prez; deceased.

Mother: shot & killed by Styx’s father

Sibling(s): Chavez; Diablos Prez; half brother – share same father. Styx; Hangmen Prez; half-brother – share same mother.

Close Friends: Charley

Pre-Hangmen: Infamous Cartel Princess in Mexico.


  • Tanner – said to be at least 6’4″ and 250 pounds; short hair, blue eyes, and heavily tattooed. Like Tank, he got his Klan tattoos covered with Hangmen tattoos.
  • Adelita – long, dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Characters Without a Book

Of course, some will have books in the future – yay!

The only couple without a book:


  • Very large and tall with caramel skin and dark eyes; long straight black hair that goes to the middle of his back. Samoan; Has a Maori-tattoo face and tribal tattoos everywhere else.
  • Run the bike shop
  • Close friends with Tank.


  • Described as a “large, dark tattooed woman.” Samoan
  • Close friends with Beauty.


  • Confirmed to be the next book in our series – book 9!
  • Rumored love interests – Charley or Ruth
  • He has red hair with a long red beard and pale skin; huge build.
  • Part of the Psycho Trio along with Flame and AK
  • Also close friends with Rudge
  • Obsessed with pineapples and his anaconda. 🍍
  • Close friends with Rudge from London, England Chapter


  • Rarely smiles or talks
  • long brown hair
  • Slash’s cousin
  • close friends with Rider


  • Ex-prospect of the mother chapter.
  • said to be short and skinny.


  • Smiler’s younger cousin
  • Ex-prospect to Mother Chapter
  • Close friends with Ash and Zane
  • Contemplated joining the army


  • Prospect for Mother Chapter
  • Has black hair, dark eyes, flame tattoos, and piercings that include a lip ring.
  • Currently working at the bike shop.
  • Flame’s younger brother
  • Rumored to be Saffy’s love interest
  • Close friends with Zane


  • Said to look like a mini-AK.
  • Prospect for the Mother Chapter
  • Parents are deceased; AK is his uncle.
  • Grace, Ky’s daughter, has a crush on him.


  • New member of the Mother Chapter
  • Samson’s twin


  • New member of the Mother Chapter
  • Solomon’s twin


  • New member of the Mother Chapter
  • Tanner’s younger brother
  • Longish brown hair and brown eyes.


  • Transferred from the Arkansas Chapter to the Mother Chapter
  • One blue eye, one brown eye. Has long dyed hair – white on the side of the blue eye and black on the side of the brown eye. Smile eerily constantly.
  • Said he was a trauma surgeon in the army before going “postal” and ending up in a mental hospital.

Barnaby Rudge

  • Considering staying with the Mother Chapter; Originally from London, England Chapter.
  • Blond hair styled to one side, has a short beard, and massive build.
  • Has a Jack Union tattoo.
  • Close friends with Viking.


  • Prez of the New Orleans Chapter.
  • Close friends with Hush and Cowboy.
  • Famous for “rolling the dice” to determine the outcome of situations.
  • Has a massive crow with red eyes tattooed on his bicep.


  • Tall with black hair and blue eyes.
  • Is father to Maddie, Mae, and Bella.
  • Close friends with Ruth.
  • Said not to be interested in women.


  • Has dark hair and dark eyes.
  • Rider’s mother.
  • Close friends with Stephen.


  • Long blond hair and brown eyes.
  • Phebe’s daughter
  • Rumored to be Ash’s love interest.

Charley Bennett

  • Blond hair, grey eyes with tan skin.
  • Father known as “the cocaine distributor for California”
  • Close friends with Adelita.
  • Whereabouts are unknown.


  • Prez of the Diablos Motorcycle Gang
  • Adelita’s half brother


  • Sergeant-at-Arms for the Diablos gang.
  • In his late twenties with long black hair, light brown eyes, and a tongue ring.

And there you have it! If you notice anything incorrect, please let me know. There was a TON of information that I had to sort through so I’m sure there is something I’ve missed or incorrectly stated.

Be sure to let me know your most anticipated book in the series and your favorite character from this series down below!

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